The new European Driving Licence comes into force.

On 19 January the new European laws governing driving licences came into force. Drivers using scooters, motorcycles and tricycles of all powers and cylinder capacities are also subject to these laws.

The new European licence for motorcyclists comprises four classes: AM, A1, A2 and A.

The AM licence, , for which candidates are required to pass a theory exam and (in most countries) a practical driving test, enables the holder to drive mopeds with a cylinder capacity up to 50 cc and power not exceeding 4 kw, with a maximum design speed of 45 km/h.

The minimum age at which an AM licence may be issued is regulated at national level; it is 14 in France, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, and 15 in Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Finland, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia. To obtain an AM licence and drive a 50 cc two-wheeler, the minimum age is 16 in Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and the UK.
The highest minimum age to drive a 50 cc moped is 17 in Cyprus and 18 in Denmark.
National laws set a minimum age of 18 for riders to carry a passenger. Any type of driving licence for an automobile or a motorcycle also entitles the holder to drive 50 cc two-wheelers.

The A1 licence entitles the holder to drive motorcycles and scooters with cylinder capacity of more than 50 cc but not exceeding 125 cc and power not exceeding 11 kw. Again, the age requirement is decided at national level. It ranges from 16 in Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal, to 17 in the UK and 18 in Belgium, Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands.

The A2 licence is issued for motorcycles and scooters of more than 125 cc with power not exceeding 35 kw. It may be obtained, upon passing a test, at 18 in almost all European countries, with a few exceptions: 19 in the UK, 20 in the Netherlands, Greece, Denmark and Belgium.

The A licence entitles the holder to drive any type of motorcycle, with no restrictions on cylinder capacity and power. No country will issue it before a minimum age of 20, rising in many cases to 22. The A licence is obtained after passing an examination and after two years of experience with an A2 licence. Individual countries will be able to decide whether to allow direct access to the A licence through an examination, without requiring a previous A2 licence, but with a higher minimum age (24).

The new European regulations establish a common minimum age in all countries for tricycles with power of more than 15 kw; it will be possible to drive these vehicles with an A licence from the age of 21, and in some countries (e.g., Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic) with a B licence, and a minimum age of 21.

Some of the best-selling models in the broad range of motorcycles with the prestigious Piaggio Group brands, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi, are already compatible with the European regulations for the A2 licence. Holders of this licence may ride:


Shiver 750, Shiver 750 ABS, Mana 850 GT ABS, Dorsoduro 750, Dorsoduro 750 ABS, Dorsoduro 750 Factory and Dorsoduro 750 Factory ABS.


Nevada 750, V7 Stone, V7 Special, V7 Racer.